Load Test Output
In this tutorial, we will show you how to use Neocortix Cloud Services BatchRunner to download videos from a website.
First, please follow the steps in the tutorial Setting Up For Batch Jobs. After completion of the initial setup, you will have a directory with examples,
In the subdirectory
you will find the runBatchDownload.py command. This script reads a file called
which contains a list of URLs of video files to download:
# put 1 url on each line; lines starting with # are comments https://archive-1.neocortix.net/video/videos/Globe_022_tightLoop_jumbotron_008.mp4 https://archive-1.neocortix.net/video/videos/IntervalLogo_044c.mp4 https://archive-1.neocortix.net/video/videos/NeocortixNewsVideo_005.mp4 https://archive-1.neocortix.net/video/videos/PhonePaycheck_003.mp4 https://archive-1.neocortix.net/video/videos/PhoneWorkforceVideo_002.mp4 https://archive-1.neocortix.net/video/videos/SpinDemo3_001e.mp4 # it will automatically replace spaces with %20 https://archive-1.neocortix.net/video/videos/The Third and The Seventh HD.mp4 https://archive-1.neocortix.net/video/videos/Video2ClickDemoRender_016.mp4 https://archive-1.neocortix.net/video/videos/Windmill_040.mp4 https://archive-1.neocortix.net/video/videos/bmw_003.mp4
By default, it does auto-scaling, so you don’t have to set the number of workers
These command line options are available:
--authToken AUTHTOKEN the NCS authorization token to use (default empty, to use NCS_AUTH_TOKEN env var --filter FILTER json to filter instances for launch (default: { "storage": ">=4000000000", "dar": ">=95"}), can include regions like this, for example: "regions": ["north-america", "russia-ukraine-belarus"]) --outDataDir OUTDATADIR a path to the output data dir for this run (default: empty for a new timestamped dir) --timeLimit TIMELIMIT amount of time (in seconds) allowed for the whole job (default: 1800) --unitTimeLimit UNITTIMELIMIT amount of time (in seconds) allowed for each download (default: 300) --urlListFile URLLISTFILE a path to a text file containing urls to download from (default: dlUrlList.txt) --nWorkers NWORKERS the # of worker instances to launch (or 0 for autoscale) (default: 0)

Example Command

Simply run
python3 ./runBatchDownload.py
When the program is done, the output plot files will be put in a directory
with names like
, etc. And you will find a file called
, which contains the mapping from these filenames to the actual video filenames that were retrieved:
fileName,url frame_0.out,https://archive-1.neocortix.net/video/videos/Globe_022_tightLoop_jumbotron_008.mp4 frame_1.out,https://archive-1.neocortix.net/video/videos/IntervalLogo_044c.mp4 frame_2.out,https://archive-1.neocortix.net/video/videos/NeocortixNewsVideo_005.mp4 frame_3.out,https://archive-1.neocortix.net/video/videos/PhonePaycheck_003.mp4 frame_4.out,https://archive-1.neocortix.net/video/videos/PhoneWorkforceVideo_002.mp4 frame_5.out,https://archive-1.neocortix.net/video/videos/SpinDemo3_001e.mp4 frame_6.out,https://archive-1.neocortix.net/video/videos/The%20Third%20and%20The%20Seventh%20HD.mp4 frame_7.out,https://archive-1.neocortix.net/video/videos/Video2ClickDemoRender_016.mp4 frame_8.out,https://archive-1.neocortix.net/video/videos/Windmill_040.mp4 frame_9.out,https://archive-1.neocortix.net/video/videos/bmw_003.mp4