Neocortix Cloud Services

Neocortix Cloud Services provides secure Scalable Compute capacity, running on mobile devices all over the world. This revolutionary service delivers Cloud At the Edge, enabling unprecedented capabilities in Load/Performance Testing, CDN Testing, Network Telemetry, 3D Image Rendering, Genomics, Deep Learning, and much more.

Neocortix Cloud Services

Worldwide Distribution

Our devices are located at consumer endpoints all over the world, opening up amazing new capabilities for Last-Mile load Testing, CDN Testing, Network Telemetry, Federated Learning, and more.


Our instances are running in secure containers with transparent file encryption. So your data and processes are isolated and protected.


We have lower prices because we are renting time on people’s cellphones, rather than constructing huge expensive data centers.

Easy To Use

We have the same familiar SSH and Command-line interfaces as the other major Cloud Services providers.


We allow people all over the world to participate in this exciting technology company, rather than just buying servers from other giant companies.


We re-use power-efficient devices that people already own, or buy used, rather than ordering new power-hungry servers.