Here we will show you how to set up your machine for running the Batch Job examples.

Preparing the Master Node

We assume you are running on a Linux machine, or a Virtual Linux Machine (i.e., Windows Subsystem for Linux or Oracle VirtualBox). If you are running on a Windows 10 PC, and you don't have a Linux Virtual Machine, you can follow our easy instructions to set one up.
First, you will set up your SSH Key, if you haven't already done so on this machine. Please enter the following command, and accept all the default responses:
ssh-keygen -t rsa
This will create a secure key pair in your
directory (which it also creates if you don’t have one). Our batchRunner will automatically take the public key from your key pair and upload it to the NCS service when needed.
Next, you will use the commands below to set up your machine to run our examples. Note: this procedure was tested on newly-created VMs with 8 GB RAM, running Ubuntu 18.04. Please execute the following instructions on your host machine:
curl -L > chmod a+x ./
Now you will set up your AuthToken for your account. You can generate an AuthToken from your Profile page at Please note, on that page, it should say Auth Tokens enabled, with the little switch to the right position. If it says Auth Tokens disabled, please click the switch to enable Auth Tokens. Generate a New AuthToken, if necessary, and then copy the AuthToken to the Clipboard, and then add these lines to your .bashrc:
export PATH=~/.local/bin:$PATH export NCS_AUTH_TOKEN=YourAuthTokenHere
and replace YourAuthTokenHere with the real AuthToken from the Clipboard. Then execute the command:
source .bashrc
That's it! Now your machine is set up to run all of the Batch Job examples.