Neocortix Cloud Services

Lloyd Watts

Lloyd Watts, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO

Dmitry Moskalchuk

Dmitry Moskalchuk
Principal Software Architect

Michael J. Coffey

Michael Coffey
Principal Software Architect

Murray Indick
Morrison & Foerster

Lee van Pelt
Van Pelt, Yi & James

Carver Mead, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus,

Allan R. Crawford
Founder, Allan Crawford Associates

Ihab Abu-Hikama
CEO, CloudMondo

Eric Kim
Former CMO,
Samsung, Intel

Bob Colwell, Ph.D.
Intel Pentium Architect
Director, DARPA MTO

Byron Alsberg
415 Investments

Aloka Arachige
Sr. Director,
Juvo Mobile

Chander Chawla
CEO, Ever

Andy Keane
Correlated Magnetics

Scott Bonham
Granite Global Ventures

Scott Lewis
Managing Director,
Tower Stone Group

Brett Bilbrey
Senior Manager

Dan Trepanier
CEO, Xambala

Mike Lavia
Strategic Account Executive,

Neocortix was founded on September 23, 2013, on the technology idea of building a supercomputer out of cellphones, because of their low power consumption, rapidly improving computation ability, and rapidly growing market volume. After proving out the technology concepts in 2015, the company adopted a shared-economy business model in 2016, in which we would rent computer time on public phones, aggregate this compute capacity, and sell it via Neocortix Cloud Services.

We launched the PhonePaycheck app in March 2017, and by August 2017 we reached our budget of $1,000/day in payments to 700 users in 36 countries for 3,200 devices. By January 2019, we had reached 26,000 devices on the Waiting List in 114 countries with no promotion, $1.5M had been invested into the company by the founder, and $500,000 had been redeemed by PhonePaycheck users through PayPal.

In February 2020, we launched Neocortix Cloud Services, featuring our flagship Scalable Compute service, which runs full Debian Linux in a secure container on Android phones, accessible via a standard SSH interface. First customers are targeted in Load Test, Web Crawl, Network Telemetry, and Image Rendering.

In our long-term vision, we can use these capabilities ourselves to provide additional services to our loyal PhonePaycheck users, such as News, Search, Deals, Social Media, and Work.