Neocortix Cloud Services

Many academic researchers need on-demand computing services to complete their work for their grants. But their limited budgets mean that they cannot afford the high cost of commercial Cloud Computing services. And their constrained schedules mean that they cannot afford to wait for free volunteer compute resources like BOINC to become available to their projects.

Neocortix Cloud Services ideally serves the community of academic researchers with Scalable Compute instances running on worldwide mobile devices:

We have proven that we can run advanced academic research applications on our system in a wide variety of subject areas, including:

Generally, we can run any application which has been built for Linux-On-Arm. Some of the projects above (Gene@Home, RakeSearch, LHC@Home, Blender, Locust) already met that requirement, so they could run immediately on Neocortix Scalable Compute instances with no additional effort. For other projects above (Rosetta@Home, Folding@Home, TensorFlow), Neocortix provided the additional service of building the application for Linux-on-Arm. Please see our blog "Multi-Company Collaboration For Coronavirus Research On Arm Devices" for details of building Rosetta@Home and Folding@Home to run on Neocortix Scalable Compute instances.

For qualified researchers, Neocortix provides free up-front engineering services to build your system for Linux-on-Arm and get it working at scale on Neocortix Scalable Compute instances. Please contact our Sales Team to find out how we can help you get your system running quickly and inexpensively with Neocortix Cloud Services.