Dmitry Moskalchuk

Dmitry Moskalchuk
Principal Software Architect

Dmitry Moskalchuk is Principal Software Architect at Neocortix, Inc.

Prior to joining Neocortix, Dmitry was the Founder of CrystaX, Inc. - the company, created in the year 2012 on top of his personal open-source project CrystaX NDK, which provides advanced C/C++/Objective C development tools for Android. Providing commercial software development and consulting services and investing earnings to the further development of CrystaX NDK, Dmitry was able to bring this project up to the mature state. It enabled many businesses to use it as a technology base for their projects.

Previous to his work in CrystaX, Dmitry was working as a software developer, architect, and team lead in many companies, from startups to large corporations, in many industries, from mobile and telecom to finances. In one of these companies, Unison, Inc., in the year 2008, Dmitry created a full-featured unified communications solution (VoIP, email, IM). He did it by building and managing the team of developers, at the same time continuing to play the leading developer role in the project.

He studied at ITMO University, St.Petersburg, Russia, from 1995 to 2001.