If you are a Performance Engineer who does regular large Global Last-Mile Load Tests, you may be eligible for our Performance Partner Program. You can earn a cash reward, payable in U.S. Dollars through PayPal, for evaluating our service and for your regular use of Neocortix Cloud Services to provide instances for your Load Tests. We know that it takes time and effort for you to get your scripts working on any new platform, and to keep them maintained. We want to reward you for your efforts, and thank you for using our service.

Load Test Output

Two Phases To The Program

  • Evaluation Phase: In this phase, we simply pay you to do the work of evaluating our service and preparing to use it. The Reward for this phase is currently set at $100, payable to your PayPal account upon our acceptance of your completion of the three requirements below:

    1. Complete Partner Form to get approved to proceed.
    2. Complete Basic Certification for your preferred Load Testing tool.
    3. Complete Production Pro Certification to get your Load Test running on our platform.

  • Recurring Operation Phase: In this phase, we reward you for using our platform for your Load Tests at your work. The Reward for this phase is currently set at 10% of the monthly instance charges paid to Neocortix by your company for running your Load Tests.

Here is a Flowchart to illustrate the process:

Load Test Output

An Example of How It Works

1. Complete Partner Form: The Performance Engineer takes 10 minutes to fill out our Partner Form and send it in to us for approval. This form answers some basic questions about their preferred Load Testing tool, their existing Load Test that they would like to run on our platform, what kind of payment authority they have at their company, and whether they have a PayPal account to receive their Reward. We want to make sure the Performance Engineer has everything they need to successfully complete the program. In our example, the Performance Engineer meets our qualifications, and we authorize them to begin the Evaluation Phase of the program.

2. Complete Basic Certification: The Performance Engineer uses JMeter for their existing Load Test. So they will take our Certification Program "Global Last-Mile Load Testing with JMeter", using the Certification Form and taking the Basic JMeter Tutorial. Here they will set up their free account on Neocortix Cloud Services, and run our Basic and RampLong examples against our Load Test target. And then finally, they will fulfill the originality requirement, by making some modification to our examples and running their modified test. They copy the output plots into the Certification Form and submit it to us for approval. We may give some feedback or ask that some of the tests be re-done if there was a problem or misunderstanding of the use of the system. In this example, we approve of the Performance Engineer's work, issue a Certificate of Completion, and authorize them to proceed with the next step.

3. Complete Production Pro Certification: The Performance Engineer will take our Certification Program "JMeter Production Pro", using the Certification Pro Form and taking the JMeter Production Pro Tutorial. The Performance Engineer begins this step with their existing JMeter .jmx file, which runs their existing Load Test. In our example, they are running a 4,000 Virtual Users on a single powerful server. This is an unrealistic simulation of a real-world load. We ask that they modify their .jmx file to use only a maximum of 20 Virtual Users on each device, and later they will do a test with 200 devices to get the 4,000 Virtual User load. But first, they will get the small 20-Virtual User version of their script running only only 10 Neocortix instances, and capture the plots from a successful small run. Then they will ask for 200 devices to get their 4,000 Virtual Users, and get that larger run working, and capture the plots from a successful large run. And finally, they will compare the output plots from their Global Last-Mile Load Test using Neocortix instances, against the plots from a typical run using their existing infrastructure. They fill out the Certification Pro Form with the plots from the small run, the large run, and the comparison to their existing infrastructure, and comment on any differences they observe. They notice that their existing infrastructure was giving them an unrealistic estimate of their End-User Response Times, and that it was more expensive than using Neocortix. Now they have a first-hand understanding of why Global Last-Mile Load Testing is better for their company than simple Data Center-based Load Testing. They submit their completed Certification Pro Form for approval. We will review it, possibly asking for clarification or for tests to be re-done, if they indicate a problem or misunderstanding of the material. In this example, we approve of the Performance Engineer's work, we issue another Certificate of Completion for "JMeter Production Pro", and initiate the transfer of the Evaluation Phase Reward (currently set at $100) to their PayPal account.

4. Recurring Operation Phase: At this point, the Performance Engineer has evaluated their Load Test on Neocortix Global Last-Mile infrastructure, and has documentary evidence that it is superior for their company. They would like to use it for real recurring tests, to get the benefit of our low-cost instances and Global Last-Mile response time measurements. Their test runs for an hour with 200 Gold instances at $0.055/hour, for a cost of $11. This is a Daily Regression Test, so it is run every day, for a total cost of $330/month. This compares favorably to the $660/month they are currently paying to their existing Cloud Services provider. The Performance Engineer requests permission from their manager to begin using Neocortix as a Cloud Services provider. After some discussion, the manager approves, and provides a payment method (company Credit Card Number in this example) to allow ongoing tests to be run. At the end of the first month, the company is charged $330 for the instance-hours, saving $330 relative to the $660 that would be charged by their other Cloud Services provider. To reward the Performance Engineer for the efforts needed to make all of this possible, Neocortix credits the Performance Engineer's Performance Partner Program account with $33, which is 10% of the amount that was billed to their company. The Performance Engineer may redeem this reward directly to their PayPal account. If the Performance Engineer continued these Daily Regression Tests for a full year, the amount earned would be 12 * $33 = $396.

More Details

Note that this income will be taxable. If the Performance Engineer is a U.S. taxpayer, and the total amount redeemed in one year is greater than $600, Neocortix will issue a 1099-MISC form to report the taxable income.

Please note that the structure of the Evaluation Phase of the program is like a simple Work Contract - Neocortix pays the Performance Engineer to take our Certification Program.

The structure of the Recurring Operations Phase of this program is the same as an airline Frequent Flier Program. It is common for business travel tickets to be paid for by a company, while the employee gets to choose the airline, flights, seats, etc., and the employee is free to choose the airline with their preferred Frequent Flier Program. Usually, the employee is allowed to keep the Frequent Flier Miles for themselves, and may use them for personal travel. Thus, the Frequent Flier Reward (Miles, redeemable as valuable airline tickets) is the "thing of value" which is given by the airline to the traveler, and the company accepts that their employee is getting a "perk" provided by the airline. All of this is well-known, done in the normal course of business, and not prohibited in any country that we know of.

This reward program is intended for Performance Engineers who are leading the adoption of Neocortix LoadTest at their companies. Once these leaders have adopted Neocortix LoadTest and established paid accounts at their companies, other engineers are welcome to take the Certifications part of the Performance Partner Program ("Certificate-Only"), but the $100 Reward and 10% Discount would not apply in those later cases.

Let's Get Started!

We look forward to helping you get started with the Neocortix Performance Partner Program!