Neocortix Cloud Services

Neocortix Cloud Services is a revolutionary technology which changes the fundamentals of the Load Test Industry. By using a world-wide network of mobile devices, rather than servers in a small number of huge data centers, we make it possible to deliver load and measure response times all the way to the end-consumer's mobile device - we uniquely enable the industry to perform a Last-Mile Load Test, and thus accurately confirm compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and internal performance requirements. And because we have global network of devices, we can test whether the Content Distribution Network (CDN) is adequate, and identify locations where it needs to be improved.

Load Test Industry

Figure 1: Summary of the Load Test Industry,
with examples of major players

  • For Major Website Owners: Large website owners, like major retailers and airlines, want to know that their websites and 3rd-party web components won't fail or become slow on heavy traffic days like Black Friday. They set performance targets for end-user page load times to ensure that they don't lose business to competitors. But if they don't insist on measuring the true end-user page load times, they are vulnerable to competitors who do. Last-Mile Load Testing gives a competitive advantage to these major website owners who use it, and it costs them nothing to demand it, now that the technology is available to all of their vendors.

  • For Load Test Vendors: These companies run their Load Test and Performance Measurement systems on many different data-center-based cloud services providers. As their customers begin to demand Last-Mile Load Testing services, the early adopters who offer it first will begin to capture new market share from those who don't offer it. And it is easy for them to offer Last-Mile Load Test, since Neocortix Cloud Services uses the same SSH interface as their other cloud platforms. And their profitability improves because Neocortix Cloud Services costs less than the data-center-based cloud platforms. Or they can pass some of the savings on to their customers to make their offerings more attractive. Overall, it costs nothing for a Load Test Vendor to add Last-Mile Load Test to their offering, and they benefit from improved competitive position, lower costs and higher profit margins.

  • For E-Commerce Component Providers: These companies provide web components to large website owners. In order to win business, these companies have to perform Load Tests to self-certify that they will not degrade the performance of the customer's website. Until now, their customers have accepted data-center-based Load Test results, because there was no distributed cloud platform alternative. Now that their large customers are demanding the competitive advantage of Last-Mile Load Test, the E-commerce providers have a strong incentive to meet the new customer requirement, or risk losing business. And they save money by doing Last-Mile Load Tests, because Neocortix Cloud Services costs less than data-center-based cloud platforms.

  • For Smaller Website Owners: Finally, there are many smaller website owners who simply do their own Load Tests, by spinning up Auto-Scale nodes on major cloud providers. These website owners will get a competitive advantage with Neocortix Cloud Services, by accurately measuring end-user page load times and improving their performance to actually meet their performance targets. And these website owners save money by using Neocortix Cloud Services, because of our lower infrastructure costs.

The key ingredients are now available in 2019 for the first time to allow industry-wide adoption of Last-Mile Load Test:

  • Neocortix Cloud Services makes the distributed mobile cloud platform available to all Load Test Providers and users of Load Test. It is not a captive service that is only available to one Load Test Provider, as the Gomez service from Compuware was in 2012.
  • Major Website Owners are in an extremely competitive environment, and in 2019 have a greater incentive to demand accurate measurement of end-user experience, to make their website performance as fast as possible. And now they know that Last-Mile Load Test is possible and can be made available from any of their Load Test Providers.
  • All players in the industry benefit from the lower cost of Neocortix Cloud Services, and the familiar SSH interface.

Last-Mile Load Test As A Service

Try our working Last-Mile Load Test system.

Or try our Load Test CircleCI Orb.

Every day, we run a Last-Mile Load Test with over 1,000 devices world-wide, producing about 30,000 Requests Per Second. Our system is ready for use by Load Test Customers and by Load Test Vendors who would like to add Last-Mile Load Test capabilities to their offering. And we are ready to activate more devices to meet your demand.

Load Test Output